Government acquaints itself with vaccination strategy for the Czech Republic, vaccination sites must start reporting on vaccine consumption

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At a special meeting on Wednesday 13 January 2021, the Andrej Babiš government discussed the Methodological Guidelines for the Vaccination Campaign for the Czech Republic, which was produced by the Ministry of Health. It also approved the issuing of two Ministry of Health extraordinary measures, which will allow all health insurance clients in the Czech Republic free vaccination against COVID-19 and laid down the obligation for vaccination sites to input fundamental information about the use of vaccines into a central database.

The government took under advisement the Health Minister’s information on the methodological guidelines governing the vaccination campaign in the Czech Republic. Vaccination will take place in two main phases, preceded by a preparatory phase that already began in December of last year. In the first phase, IA, which has already been launched, the highest risk groups are being vaccinated, i.e. the oldest seniors and selected medical staff. This will be followed up by phase IB starting in February, in which priority groups of the population should be vaccinated, which are seniors over 65, people with selected chronic diseases and employees in professions important for the state. Starting in May the final phase II should be launched, in which interested parties from the rest of the population are to be vaccinated.

In connection with the launching of the vaccination campaign, the Ministry of Health received permission from the government to issue two extraordinary measures relating to vaccination against COVID-19, coming into effect 14 January. The first allows vaccination against COVID-19 to be carried out on all clients of domestic health insurance companies who express an interest, in line with the vaccination strategy. The second orders vaccination sites to input into a special module of the Infectious Disease Information System without delay all necessary information on the distribution and movement of vaccines so as to ensure uniform and accurate records. Among other things, this will ensure supervision of whether the prioritisation of interested parties is being observed in accordance with the issued methodological guidelines.

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