The government calls outpatient physicians to arms in the battle against covid-19, obliging them to perform certain duties

Office of the Government

From 4 March 2021, the presidents of regions and the mayor of Prague will be able to call outpatient physicians and other health professionals from private medical facilities to hospitals to help cope with the onslaught of coronavirus patients. This will be made possible by the crisis measure on the imposition of work duties, which was approved by Andrej Babiš’s government at an extraordinary meeting on 3 March 2021.

From midnight today, physicians and health professionals who practice a non-medical health profession, who provide outpatient, day or inpatient health services and whose healthcare facilities do not have patients with covid-19 will be obliged to perform certain work duties. The regulation also applies to the employees of such facilities. On the other hand, general practitioners, paediatricians, gynaecologists and obstetricians and their staff cannot be called upon in the above manner.

The imposition of work duties is to help the presidents of regions and the mayor of Prague to tackle the crisis situation where the “coronavirus hospitals” find themselves facing an onslaught of patients requiring hospitalisation in intensive care units due to their serious condition, so that intensive care could continue to be provided to anyone who requires it.

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