All remaining services to open under set conditions from Monday, the government agrees

Office of the Government

From 31 May 2021, people will be able to visit restaurants, swimming pools, saunas or casinos again subject to meeting the conditions related to testing, vaccination or having recovered from the coronavirus and the operators ensuring the set anti-epidemic measures. This amendment to the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health was approved by the government at an extraordinary meeting on 28 May 2021.

The changes are related to the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court. From Monday, restaurants, bars, music clubs, swimming pools, bowling alleys and casinos will be able to open their indoor premises that are still closed to the public. Customers or guests will only be allowed to enter if they have been vaccinated, tested or have recovered from the coronavirus within the prescribed time limits. They will also be able to enter restaurants on the basis of an antigen self-test they have undergone at work or at school, or even on the spot at the entrance to the establishment. The conditions are similar to those of the already-open outside premises, i.e. without live music and dancing.

Catering facilities must comply with the requirement for a maximum number of people at a table and the spacing between them; swimming pools, sports grounds and casinos will be limited to a maximum of one person per 15 square metres and they will have to ensure that the visitors maintain two-metre distances between themselves; wellness facilities will be allowed to fill only 30 percent of their capacity. Saunas can only operate with the heating set up to at least 80 °C and without using crystal cooling and ice wells.

The organisers of congresses and educational events will be able to welcome up to 250 people while maintaining at most 50% occupancy of the premises; choirs will be able to rehearse or perform in groups of up to 30 people. The Ministry also added national vaccination certificates as a way to demonstrate compliance with the conditions for entry into restaurants, etc. The same rules apply to their recognition as in the case of Czech citizens, i.e. 22 days from the first dose for incomplete vaccination and 22 days to nine months from the first dose for complete vaccination and 14 days to nine months for single-dose vaccines.

National vaccination certificates were also added to the protective measure of the Ministry of Health on the conditions of entry into the Czech Republic. Holders thereof will be exempt from having to demonstrate a negative coronavirus test when entering the Czech Republic, as well as from complying with the conditions set by other measures. The national certificate must be issued in English and, in the case of a certificate issued by Hungary, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Austria, the Slovak Republic or the Republic of Slovenia, its model must be published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Autor: Office of the Government

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