RECOMMENDATIONS: New paradigm for climate issues

The National Convention on the European Union published its recommendations, which are the outcome of a national discussion on the topic of New paradigm for climate issues, which was attended by representatives of the state administration, both chambers of the Parliament, economic and social partners, together with representatives of European institutions, the non-profit sector and academics.

The debate of the National Convention on the EU focused on three discussion questions: (1) How best to reconcile and balance efforts to strengthen the EU’s energy self-sufficiency and security, to build the resilience of the EU economy and to meet the EU’s climate ambitions? (2) What are the capacities and limits of public institutions to prepare for and respond to the manifestations of climate change, and how can their capacity to act be enhanced? (3) How can the public, including the private sector, be convinced of the need for and adequacy of the proposed measures, and how can they be effectively involved in their implementation?

Four recommendations emerged from the opinions presented and the subsequent discussion.

  1. The many challenges associated with the impacts of climate change and socio-economic transformation will require a significant strengthening of coordination at the central level of government. Strengthened governance should include increased coordination with social partners and interest groups.
  2. Public administrations should work deliberately to build up the information and data base for their work (e.g. specifically in the areas of reconciling climate protection, energy security and social cohesion objectives) and, where appropriate, share this with the private sector.
  3. Key strategic documents on energy and climate policy should be developed in close cooperation with relevant private sector partners and in such a way that they can be continuously updated to avoid rapid obsolescence.
  4. The Czech public does not need to be further convinced that climate change is happening, but needs to be openly engaged with about the opportunities and risks of a green transition. The government should reflect this fact in the further development of the draft strategic communication of the public administration.

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