RECOMMENDATIONS: Formats of regional cooperation from the perspective of the Czech Republic

The National Convention on the European Union published its recommendations, which are the outcome of a national discussion on the topic of Formats of regional cooperation from the perspective of the Czech Republic, which was attended by representatives of the state administration, both chambers of the Parliament, economic and social partners, together with representatives of European institutions, the non-profit sector and academics.

The debate of the National Convention on the EU focused on three discussion questions: (1) What position should the Visegrad Group have in Czech foreign policy? (2) How should the Czech Republic approach other formats of regional cooperation in Central Europe? (3) How should the Czech Republic use its involvement in European territorial cooperation?

Four recommendations emerged from the opinions presented and the subsequent discussion.

  1. The Czech Republic should define what themes and objectives it should have within the regional formats cooperation in accordance with the interests to promote. To this end, it should look for regional intersections cooperation at various levels, from local to national.
  2. The Czech Republic should promote an active approach of domestic political actors from different levels to involve the Czech Republic in regional cooperation formats. Based on a broad debate across there should be a long-term consensus across the political spectrum on what the platforms are priority for the Czech Republic from the point of view of advocacy.
  3. In view of the upcoming Presidency of the Visegrad Group, the Czech Republic should evaluate the contribution of this cooperation in terms of political, interpersonal and value and its evaluate the approach on a regular basis.
  4. The Czech Republic should take a clear position on the Three Seas Initiative, the importance of which is growing in the context of recent developments, in particular as regards co-operation in building infrastructure.

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