ROUNDTABLE: New paradigm for climate issues

On Wednesday, 30 November 2022, another roundtable of the National Convention on the European Union will take place via the online platform Webex Teams, this time on the topic: New paradigm for climate issues. The debate will take place from 9:00 to 11:00. The topic will be discussed by representatives of the public administration, education sector, business, social partners and other invited guests. The Association for International Affairs (AMO) is the expert guarantor of this roundtable.

The deepening direct impacts of climate change, which are currently being felt in the Czech Republic mainly in the form of droughts, heat waves and fires, as well as the changing geopolitical and security situation, require a new reflection on climate policies and possibly also on the positions that the Czech Republic will take in future negotiations within the EU. If we are to be prepared for the challenges ahead, we need to understand them in context – for example, in terms of the interconnectedness of climate protection, energy security and the social distribution of impacts. A change in thinking may also need to be reflected in the transformation of public institutions, which play a key role in designing and implementing solutions for the benefit of citizens, both at regional and national level and at EU level.

The main areas of discussion of this roundtable are:

  1. How best to reconcile and balance efforts to strengthen the EU’s energy self-sufficiency and security, to build the resilience of the EU economy and to meet the EU’s climate ambitions?
  2. What are the capacities and limits of public institutions to prepare for and respond to the manifestations of climate change, and how can their capacity to act be enhanced?
  3. How can the public, including the private sector, be convinced of the need for and adequacy of the proposed measures, and how can they be effectively involved in their implementation?

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