ROUNDTABLE: Formats of regional cooperation from the perspective of the Czech Republic

On Friday, 20 January 2023, another round table of the National Convention on the European Union will be held via the online platform Webex Teams and in person at the Liechtenstein Palace, this time on the topic of regional cooperation formats from the perspective of the Czech Republic. The debate will take place from 9:00 to 12:00. The topic will be discussed by representatives of the state administration, education sector, business, social partners and other invited guests. The expert guarantor of this round table is EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

In the last decade, the Czech Republic has participated at various levels in a number of regional cooperation platforms. Among the most important are the Visegrad Group, the Slavkov Format, the Czech-German Strategic Dialogue and the Trident Initiative. At the same time, European Union instruments supporting territorial cooperation, particularly in the form of cross-border and transnational cooperation, also contribute to cooperation in the region. The question for the Czech Republic is how to make the best use of the various formats and initiatives in terms of promoting its interests and how to ensure that they are complementary.

The main areas of discussion of this roundtable are:

  1. What position should the Visegrad Group have in Czech foreign policy?
  2. How should the Czech Republic approach other formats of regional cooperation in Central Europe?
  3. How should the Czech Republic use its involvement in European territorial cooperation?

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